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Container Trading

Container Trading

The purchasing, selling, or leasing of shipping containers for use as storage and transit is referred to as container trading. These uniform containers are used for shipping, railroading, and trucking among other forms of transportation. Trade of containers takes place between companies, logistics providers, shipping lines, and leasing companies.

Air Freight Forwarding​

Logistics and international trade both heavily rely on freight forwarding. It entails the management and coordination of the movement of cargo between locations on behalf of shippers. Shippers and different transportation providers, including shipping lines, airlines, trucking companies, and railroads, are connected through freight forwarders.

Door to Door Cargo

Transporting goods or freight directly from one door to another, from the sender’s location to the recipient’s destination, is referred to as “door to door cargo.” Both shippers and recipients can benefit from the efficiency and convenience of this service, which is usually offered by logistics companies or freight forwarding and transporting companies.

Feeder Service

Feeder Service

The movement of cargo between smaller ports or terminals and larger hub ports, where mainline vessels operate, is referred to as feeder services in the shipping industry. In order to consolidate shipments for subsequent transportation on larger ships, these feeder vessels serve as “feeders” by gathering and distributing cargo to and from these smaller ports.

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SLR Shipping provides full-service shipping solutions that are customized to fit your logistical requirements. From cargo handling to freight forwarding, we guarantee dependable and effective transportation solutions. We promise our clients around the world seamless shipping experiences because of our experience and dedication to providing high-quality service.​

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Being a top shipping company for freight forwarding, we are experts at providing practical and affordable logistics solutions. Our skilled staff guarantees smooth international delivery of goods, from customs clearance to international cargo transportation. We offer reliable, fast, and easy shipping services that are customized to meet your needs.

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For all-inclusive logistics solutions, JCTRANS SERVICES is your reliable partner. Our proficiency in supply chain management, customs clearance, and freight forwarding guarantees the efficient and seamless delivery of goods across the globe. For dependable, reasonably priced, and customized shipping services that fit your company's needs, you can rely on us.

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What types of cargo can I ship internationally?

International shipping services accommodate a wide range of cargo, including general goods, personal effects, commercial shipments, hazardous materials (subject to restrictions), and oversized or specialty items. Whether you're shipping small packages or large containers, shipping companies have the expertise to handle your international shipping needs efficiently and securely.

How long does it take for my shipment to reach its destination?

The transit time for international shipments varies depending on several factors, including the destination, shipping method, customs clearance procedures, and any potential delays. International Shipping Companies strive to provide accurate delivery estimates based on these factors, ensuring your shipment arrives at its destination within a reasonable timeframe.

Can shipping companies assist with customs clearance and documentation?

Yes, Logistics and transportation companies are experienced in navigating customs clearance processes and handling the required documentation for international shipments. Shipping companies work closely with customs authorities to ensure compliance with regulations and facilitate the smooth transit of your goods across borders.

What measures do you take to ensure the safety and security of my shipment?

Cargo shipping companies prioritize the safety and security of all shipments throughout the international shipping process. Our comprehensive security protocols include tracking and monitoring systems, secure packaging options, and collaboration with trusted partners to safeguard your cargo from pickup to delivery.

How can I track the status of my international shipment?

All Shipment Companies provide tracking services that allow you to monitor the status of your international shipment in real-time. You can access tracking information online through the tracking website or contact the customer service team for assistance with tracking updates and inquiries.

Do Shipment companies offer insurance coverage for international shipments?

Yes, Shipment companies offer insurance coverage options to protect your international shipments against loss, damage, or theft during transit. Their insurance policies provide peace of mind and financial protection for your valuable cargo throughout its journey.

Are there any restrictions or prohibitions for international shipments?

Yes, there are certain restrictions and prohibitions for international shipments, including items classified as hazardous materials, illegal substances, or restricted by local customs regulations. Shipment companies advise customers to review the list of prohibited items and comply with relevant regulations to avoid any issues during shipment.